The RBSC may license the commercial production of its cartridges to private developers, game studios and MSX software shops.

We can offer licenses for reprogrammable cartridges for simple games, as well as for reprogrammable cartridges supporting planar (64kb in slot) mode and several common mappers:

We can also adjust the cartridge's firmware for your needs for a small fee.

All officially licensed cartridges should contain the official RBSC's logo that is available here.

For more information, please contact the administrator of the RBSC group: admin (at)

Example of the reprogrammable cartridge for small games

Here's an example of the reprogrammable cartridge for simple games used by the German online store Poly.Play

Example of the reprogrammable multi-mapper cartridge

Here's an example of the reprogrammable cartridge with 2 MB FlashROM and support for several widespread mappers that is used by Spanish developers, as well as the Kai Magazine.