The RBSC may license the commercial production of its cartridges to private developers, game studios and MSX software shops.

We can offer licenses for reprogrammable cartridges for simple games, as well as for reprogrammable cartridges supporting planar (64kb in slot) mode and several common mappers:

We can also adjust the cartridge's firmware for your needs for a small fee.

All officially licensed cartridges should contain the official RBSC's logo that is available here.

For more information, please contact the administrator of the RBSC group: admin (at)

Example of the reprogrammable cartridge for small games

Here's an example of the reprogrammable cartridge for simple games used by the German online store Poly.Play

Example of the reprogrammable multi-mapper cartridge

Here's an example of the reprogrammable cartridge with 2 MB FlashROM and support for several widespread mappers that is used by Spanish developers, as well as the Kai Magazine.

Permission to commercially produce Carnivore2

The RBSC may authorize any manufacturer to commercially produce Carnivore2 cartridges as long as the following terms and conditions are accepted:

  1. The cartridges must be assembled based on the RBSC's parts list and schematics; all alterations to the schematics must be confirmed with RBSC beforehand
  2. The cartridge boards must be sold with sturdy plastic cases and with labels of the manufacturer's design (RBSC's recommended labels may be used too); the labels must contain the RBSC's logo
  3. The manufacturer must guarantee the high quality of assembling and the proper testing of every element of the cartridge — RAM, FlashROM, IDE controller, PSG, FMPAC and SCC sound cards, as well as the configuration EEPROM
  4. It is strongly advised to use the gold–plated circuit boards versus the HASL–finished ones
  5. Each customer must get an instruction manual for the cartridge in either printed form or as a link to the repository
  6. Each customer must have a time–limited warranty for the cartridge or at least the DOA (dead on arrival) warranty
  7. Each customer should be able to return a malfunctioning cartridge for repairs if necessary; the repairing and shipping terms are up to the manufacturer
  8. Each customer should be able to reach the manufacturer by e-mail or by other means if he/she has a question about the cartridge or a problem to report
  9. Each cartridge must contain the latest version of the FPGA firmware, BIOSes and the Boot Menu from the official RBSC's repository
  10. The cartridge's FlashROM or the CF card (if included) must not contain any copyrighted material (games and other software), unless permitted by the respective copyright owner(s)
  11. A manufacturer may not further license the production of the Carnivore2 cartridge to any third party
  12. The RBSC may not be held responsible for any possible problems that a manufacturer may encounter during the production or selling of the Carnivore2 cartridges
  13. A manufacturer must provide good photos of the assembled Carnivore2 board from both sides, photos of the case, the label and the box (if provided) for inspection to RBSC prior to releasing the first batch; this is necessary for quality controlling
  14. A manufacturer must confirm the acceptance these terms and conditions by writing a formal e-mail to RBSC's coordinator

Recommended labels:

Custom labels: