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Carnivore2+ is a multi–functional cartridge for the MSX platform that was created by RBSC (Russian Bear Service Crew) in 2024. It is the successor of the well–known Carnivore2 cartridge that is very popular among MSX users. Carnivore2+ is the new cartridge platform that offers flexibility and extensibility with its unique EFU (Easy Firmware Updating) feature.

The Carnivore2+ platform is flexible, which means that more features will be added into the cartridge as the development goes on. There will be not only software additions, but also some hardware additions to the design. This will allow users to select the firmware that best matches their needs. For example, on a computer with the embedded FMPAC there will be no sense to have the firmware with the FMPAC music module. Instead, a user can upload the firmware with a different music module, SFG (OPM) for example. That would give the opportunity to use 5 different sound cards on a single computer!

Core features:

Repository on GitHub

The project is at the active stage of development. It was first presented during the Nijmegen 2024 MSX party. The cartridge will be RBSC–exclusive, which means that for some time it will be only available from RBSC's manufacturer Maxiol. Below you can find the link to Maxiol's webshop.

Order Carnivore2+ cartridge from Maxiol [RBSC]

Cartridge from the first batch:

First batch

The first batch will be shipped with the exclusive VIP box. For later batches a simplier packaging will be available.

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Like with Carnivore2, there will be a selection of cases with different design and color. Below you can see a video with one of the cases.

New features for Carnivore2

Tasks for developers: